Semi-salic law is a law of succession. It allows the succession to be passed through a female member of the dynasty . Note that the female member of the dynasty does not personally inherit the titles , her son will.



King Bob has one daughter, Roberta. Roberta has a son, Robbie. King Bob also has a brother, Jim. Under semi-salic law Robbie would inherit from King Bob as the inheritance would trace through Roberta. Under salic law, however, Roberta would not inherit as she is a female. The inheritance would then pass to Bob's brother, Jim.

Semi-salic law has two variants: Primogeniture and Consanginuity . Under primogeniture the eldest son is chosen, or the eldest son of the eldest daughter if the deceased has no sons. If the deceased has no children, the next oldest brother will inherit.

Under consanginuity the strongest male heir is chosen as successor. As before, if the deceased has no sons the inheritance passes to sons of the deceased's dughters.

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